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Legal information concerning Banque Profil de Gestion


Information supplied by Banque Profil de Gestion SA and contained on the Banque Profil de Gestion SA website (hereafter “the site”) is of a general nature and purely informative and do not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice and services. The site provides basic information concerning banking products, asset management products or corresponding services. None of the statement contained in the site constitutes a recommendation, an offer, an advice or a sollication to effect any transaction or to enter into any legal relationship. All requests on this subject must be forwarded in writing to our wealth management department.

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Reservation of liability

Although Banque Profil de Gestion SA endeavours to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate, reliable and up to date, errors or omissions may nonetheless arise. Banque Profil de Gestion SA declines all responsibility, whether contractual or otherwise, for any direct, indirect, punitive or other damage of whatever kind that may arise as a result of access to or use of this site. Banque Profil de Gestion SA cannot guarantee information found on the site, which may have been altered as a result of technical deficiencies (disconnection, interference by third parties, virus, etc). This exclusion of guarantee is as broad as applicable law allows.

All information on this site and in particular but not exclusively graphics, text and links to other sites, is supplied “as such” and is liable to modification without prior warning.

Banque Profil de Gestion SA does not guarantee that all information on this site is accurate, reliable, exhaustive or up to date, and expressly declines all responsibility with respect to any errors or omissions present. Users themselves are responsible for assessing the reliability, exhaustive nature and value of all information or other content appearing on this site. In particular, Banque Profil de Gestion SA has no obligation to withdraw obsolete information from its site or to indicate that such information is no longer valid. In addition, no information contained on the Banque Profil de Gestion SA website must be considered as a solicitation, offer or recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments, to carry out transactions or to conclude any type of legal act. Nor may such information be considered as advice of a financial, legal, fiscal or other nature supplied by Banque Profil de Gestion SA. No investments should be made solely on the basis of the content of the website. On the contrary, you should consult a qualified expert before taking any kind of investment decision.

The future performance of an investment cannot be deduced from a previous market value, i.e. the value of an investment may fall or increase at any time. An investment may also rise or fall in value as a result of fluctuations of foreign currency exchange rates. Banque Profil de Gestion SA cannot and does not guarantee that invested capital will be maintained or increased.

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Restriction of access

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Recording of personal data

Please note that any connection to this site may be monitored, recorded or memorised, particularly for security, marketing and system-control reasons.


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Applicable law

The use of this site is subject to Swiss laws, which alone shall govern the interpretation, application and effect of all conditions of use described above. All disputes relating to or connected with the site or arising from its use shall be referred to the exclusive competency of the courts of Geneva.