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About us



Trust is the basis for our profession and serves as the foundation for building an efficient and long-lasting partnership between the Bank and its clients. For this reason, each of our professional relationships is developed on the basis of shared choices, understanding of needs and personalised solutions. Showing clear-sightedness, flexibility and determination, we are committed to developing tailor-made solutions in the quest for fully optimised performance.


Deeply committed to the transparent management of business, we are convinced that procedures and rules alone are insufficient guarantees of exemplary behaviour. This is why the Bank operates on the basis of a set of values shared by the entire Board of Directors and the management.

In step with our times, we place ethics at the heart of our mission and demonstrate this in every decision we take. This concern finds expression in our choice of partners and compliance with rules of governance and management based on rigorous standards.

Ambitious by nature, we show determination in the development of efficient solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients. Our determination is also a valuable quality in a changing economic context, characterised by increasing complexity in the world of finance.

Service-oriented culture
Ethics and loyalty are always essential values to adhere to when it comes to managing private assets and corporate finances. What sets us apart is our deeply ingrained service-oriented culture and the central importance we accord our clients. Our bank is committed every day to developing privileged and long-lasting relationships with its clients. It gives special priority to risk evaluation. Because every client has different requirements, assets and lifestyles, we take the time needed to develop an in-depth individual analysis and diagnostic and to propose tailor-made solutions. We view each client as unique and we provide our response accordingly.